Cambridge Financial Direction Ltd can provide a wide range of services, which will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Rather like a tap,

  •     you can turn on our services
  •     only when you need them
  •     and avoid wasting precious resources

We provide the financial management skills to address your needs, which may include:

  •     Supporting your board and company as part-time FD
  •     Cashflow management and improvement
  •     Developing business strategy and business plans
  •     Creating clear budgets, well structured for your business
  •     Developing business and financial forecasts
  •     Raising or re-arranging bank finance
  •     Developing meaningful management information systems
  •     Increasing financial understanding within your business
  •     Reviewing your financial processes, staffing and structure
  •     Covering periods of absence of key finance staff
  •     Acting as “a fresh pair of eyes” to review business issues

“Clearly understanding the past and present are important, but a good FD will help you use this and other information to predict and shape the future.”