What Others Say

Here are some quotes from people who have worked with the team at Cambridge Financial Direction:

“Because Nick can combine the ability to be both analytical and practical he quickly identifies issues that are of concern to the business.  After consultation he will devise and deliver uncomplicated and cost effective solutions.”  – MD, service sector

“Nick’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable during this period ensuring that the market in general was analysed thoroughly and the company implemented key decisions on the strategy for growth as well as the financial budgeting and control it required to ensure it ran as well as efficiently as possible.” – CEO, technology sector

“Nick’s undoubted skill lies in being able to understand the detail of a given situation, propose suitable financial modelling for it and then find creative solutions to address the situation.” – Sales Director, electronics sector

“Nick’s logical thinking and ability to grasp complex issues and explain them succinctly to the Board gave us all clarity of understanding.” – MD, technology sector