Cambridge Finance Director Services

A good Finance Director is a key asset in any business and while a full-time FD works well for most large companies, many smaller businesses do not need a full-time FD and cannot afford the cost.

We provide the solution in the form of a flexible FD resource to work with your business on terms that suit you.

We will tailor the service and cost to your specific requirements so that you can benefit from our expertise without a full time overhead commitment.

We will provide an experienced FD who can quickly adapt to your business and work with you to achieve your specific goals. We will have the independence and ability to look at your business with “a fresh pair of eyes”.

Typically we will work in one of two ways:
1) As a part-time high level finance resource, working with your existing accounts team and supporting your board / senior management team.

2) As an additional interim resource alongside your existing FD when workload requires, for instance a significant business project or to cover unexpected absences of key finance staff.

Assignments can vary from a few days to long term, part time support.